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Digital transformation taken seriously

Besides technology, we create solutions that combine knowledge, experience and innovation, delivering the performance your company expects.

How can we help your company

Learn about our services and understand how we can support your company to achieve high performance and productivity.

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Software Development

We improve your business operation by developing bespoke projects, custom solutions, application support, and automation software

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Farm out your IT development service and count on high-skilled professionals, up to date with cutting-edge technologies, under your management

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate your processes focusing on performance and productivity by using robotic technology in a smart and well-structured way

The way we work

Choose the project type that best suits your business

Fixed Scope Project

Fixed Scope Project

We turn your scope into a structured project, which will materialize the creation and deployment of your software


Have software development professionals at hand, under your full management
Agile Project

Agile Project

With agile squads your company can benefit from both models: outsourcing and fixed scope. The deliverables are fixed up in sprints, which work like small projects


Count on some SAAS and BPO solutions to jack up your team’s productivity and to create strategies for scaling up your business and revenues

Efficiency in delivering results

We work with extensive experience in developing solutions for different market segments, transforming challenges into results with assertiveness and efficiency:

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    Banks, Insurance Companies and Brokers

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    Pharmaceutical Industry and Diagnostic Medicine

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    Manufacturing and Retail

We are open to work with other industries as well. Bring your challenge and let’s talk!

Join a team who make a difference to several outstanding companies and level up your career with us

Our talents are the main element in our DNA.

Together we achieve solid results, building multidisciplinary and innovative teams that develop solutions focusing on solving problems and increasing clients’ productivity, by means of the best possible experience.

That’s why we look for professionals who have an innovative spirit and are eager to make a difference and generate positive impacts by our side.


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Growth and

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Working with
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Open-door Policy
(for real)

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Collaborative and
welcoming environment

What they say


Jeferson Tengan Amador

+5 years IT Lab

I’ve been working at IT Lab for several years and I appreciate the closeness we have with our leaders and managers. Such receptivity is a strength I like to highlight. Every time I required support, or had suggestions, I was welcome and encouraged to continue doing so whenever I needed to. It's not in every company we find people who have been working for 6, 10, 12 years, especially in IT industry. I’ve always shown interest in learning new stuff, and here we are constantly motivated to search and share knowledge among the team. Thanks to that, I managed to interact with lots of people, establish long-term friendships, and I contributed to the growth of excellent professionals.


Claudio Marlon Aparecido de Souza

+11 years IT Lab

I’ve been a member of IT Lab family for over 10 years. Such a long time is unusual in IT industry. What keeps me here is the sense of not being ‘just another one’ to the company. Open-door policy held by managers and board members allows anyone to share problems, feedback, or ideas eye to eye, and they ALWAYS listen to what is said. It’s great to be part of the team and contribute to everyone’s growth.


Eduardo Augusto Morás

+13 years IT Lab

It’s rewarding to work in a company that praises delivering value to clients and is a partner who recognize and value its professionals, challenging us on every new project. The work environment is very good, we are a tight-knit group who help each other out.

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